With several decades of experiences, our specialized skills, manufacturing professionals and our commitment to excellence, has earned the trust and confidence of our customers for our products.


J. Phiphat Autopart Industry provides high quality Electro Deposition Painting (E.D.P) service to well-known Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers in Thailand for more than 15 years.


J. Phiphat Autopart Industry believes that teamwork is the key to success. We arrange workshops and introductory refresher courses to our new staff quarterly.


J. Phiphat Autopart Industry is entrusted by our suppliers and customers globally.


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J. Phiphat Autopart Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket parts, especially body parts of one-ton pickup trucks. We have been supplying automotive parts locally and internationally throughout Southeast Asia and Middle East markets since 1992.

We have registered our own commercial brand under “Elephant Brand”. Our main products are ranging from hood, fender, radiator support, rear gate, side panel, wheel house, rear tail body and more. Please see our list of products here...

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